What Is


Mannheim is an immersive action MOBA, giving players a legendary third-player experience within the fluid, familiar structure of a MOBA. Combining skill-based action RPG combat with competitive team-based warfare, players descend from Valhalla into epic sieges to do battle as immortal Einherjar.

Heroes are not born

They are made

Player-made, fully customizable characters means the end to pre-set Heroes. Balance out your Einherjar through careful selection of Weapons, Armor, and Skills, allowing you to forge the perfect Einherjar and fit into your chosen role, your way. Skill-Based Combat allows players to compete through skill rather than stats, allowing for a much wider breadth of viable choices when creating builds.

While Mannheim is currently in development, we always welcome supporters. Feel free to send us an email for inquiries, feedback, or investment opportunities.